All Puppies of the  A-Litter have found a home!

The Parents 

After months of searching the different European Hovawart club websites we found Magic-Warin as a possible stud dog candidate for our 'Izzy'. In November last year we travelled to Germany to meet the man. He was looking great in the pictures and his medical record looked fantastic but to be sure we needed to get to know his personality. And we were not disappointed! What a smart gentleman Magic-Warin was when meeting him in person.  

After the Irish and German Hovawart clubs checked both family trees & medical records a permit for mating was granted. 

On the 1st of January 02.00 in the morning our journey started by getting on the boot to the UK and travelled to Germany. When Izzy and Magic-Warin then meet for the first time it was love on first sight! After a few days of getting to know each better the mating was successful.  



(An Ch 23, CW23, Cen JW, Cen W, Jun Ch) 

Izzy loves to be in the centre of attention. Ring work is her thing and as soon as the show lead comes out,  she say 'I am ready'!   


HD-A2 / DM-N/N / ED, Thyroid & Eyes clear.


HD-A2 / DM-N/N / ED, Thyroid & Eyes clear. 

Magic-Warin Debbie-Ann

RZV (Germany) approved stud dog

Magic-Warin has already completed different obedience courses in Germany and loves to do nose work. Also, he likes his puzzles and we have seen him resolve a toy by stacking rings in the correct order.   Very impressive!


It is now almost 3 years ago that we, Britta & Matthijs, for the first time had our Hovawart bitch Micona Coconut Cream better known as ‘Izzy’ in our arms. We drove back from Sallins, County Kildare to the sunny South of Ireland with our new family member to start our next adventure. Izzy’s father Castlemary Druid or better known as ‘Guinness’ was a very well know show dog that won titles around Europe and was crowned several times as a Crufts, European and World champion. Izzy loves the show ring as much as her father did. And she always shows this by loud barking as soon as we arrive on the show grounds. Within two and half year she won enough green stars to not only to become Junior but also Irish Champion and qualified 3 times for Crufts. Outside the ring she loves long beach walks, running behind the seagulls, and finding nice treats by using her nose. All together a perfect family companion.  


The Hovawart is a remarkable working dog with a balanced temperament. These dogs are versatile and excel in various roles.

Let’s delve into their characteristics:

Temperament: The Hovawart is even-tempered, aware of its surroundings, and protective of its family. While they can be reserved around strangers, early socialization helps them embrace new people. They have a special fondness for children and can get along well with other pets when introduced at a young age. 

Physical Traits: Hovawarts are large and sturdy dogs with a strong build. Their heavy-boned bodies are designed for guarding livestock and homes. They come in three coat colors: blonde, black and tan, and black. Their alertness, loyalty, and intelligence make them excellent companions.

Work Ethic: A Hovawart thrives when given a purpose. They enjoy having a job to do, whether it’s guarding, tracking, or participating in search and rescue missions. Their creative nature drives them to find tasks if none are assigned.

Activities: Currently, Hovawarts in Europe participate in search and rescue organizations, therapy dog activities, obedience trials, agility trials, and flyball. They are versatile and adaptable.

Challenges: Owning a Hovawart can be demanding. These dogs require time and attention from their owners. As such, they are not recommended for first-time dog owners. However, for dedicated owners who invest effort in teaching appropriate behaviors, the reward is a loyal companion.

Family Bond: The Hovawart is a true family dog. It forms a strong bond with its “pack” and thrives when closely connected to its owner and family.

In summary, the Hovawart is an intelligent, devoted and protective companion, ready to work alongside owners who appreciate their unique quality. 

Izzy's Gallery

Just some of the daily activity of a Hovawart 

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And how it all started.

With her good nose she will find the catfish that get stuck on the beach between the rocks

'and eat them'

She loved to show her best side after winning Best of Breed on the Cork District Canine Club show in 2022.  

First time snow.

And she loved it!

Every time her brother Doyle is coming over they have so much fun. 

'No she does not let him win. She is a strong girl and he a true gentleman. 

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